got this type of thermal insulation coaster -Beiding thermal insulation coaster

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The temperature has been getting lower and lower since the beginning of winter. in the past, it was an important way for many people to replenish their body calories through a variety of hot drinks, and colleagues in the office also arranged hot water cups, teacups and so on. We all drink water frequently to deal with the cold and replenish the body moisture, but we will face such a problem, that is, the temperature of these hot drinks drops very fast. So it would be great to have a device that can keep heat or heat at the same time. So during this period of time, I got this type of thermal insulation coaster-Beiding thermal insulation coaster set.

In winter, a Langfei 70-degree high insulation coaster allows me to drink warm coffee or black tea at any time after work and study, which is really a kind of enjoyment, and the small and lovely appearance is also pleasing to the eye on the table.

This coaster can choose usb or plug-in interface, mainly used for hot water and heat preservation. Bought during the postgraduate entrance examination, but also have to match a flat-bottomed cup, (not flat-bottomed can not be fried, that is, the heating is not very good) for heating cold water in general, it is still good to heat the hot water, and the temperature drops to a state where you pick it up and drink it, and then keep it. Suitable for the postgraduate entrance examination party office workers, computers or sockets one after another, effectively avoid learning or working to the state of not hearing things outside the window, reflecting the awkward situation of not drinking warm water.

got this type of thermal insulation coaster -Beiding thermal insulation coaster

As a new favorite of constant temperature products-constant temperature coaster, it has the advantages of constant temperature and heat preservation, exquisite and compact appearance, and is suitable for office workers to put on the work table. Recently, I have acquired Daewoo constant temperature coaster, as a brand that focuses on exquisite household products. What is the experience of using this coaster?

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got this type of thermal insulation coaster -Beiding thermal insulation coaster

I bought a thermal insulation coaster before. It was washed together with a glass teacup. It was round, and there was a switch with a constant temperature. As soon as I got there, I found that there was a crash inside, and I had some bad feelings. I went to the store to change the goods. I used it for a period of time and was scalded twice. and then it fell to dust in the corner. However, there is indeed a demand for heating in work and life, so once again embark on the road of finding cushions, choose something more reliable, and choose something safe and intimate.